You’ll get more than worms…I promise

If you’re a hardcore night owl, don’t read this.

See that little “X” at the top right of your screen? Go ahead and give that a firm press. Later, alligator.

Now that we got rid of them — whew! — the rest of us are going to talk about getting…

No more being successful by accident

Do you know what you want out of life?

Most people have enough self-awareness to intuitively say yes.

Fantastic. Now — work with me here — let me press you for some details.

Tell me more; let’s break that down a little further.

Perhaps you want to be…

Happy? Healthy…

Good enough is more than enough

Let’s start a little abstract:

How good is good enough?

If good is good, better is…well, it’s more good…so perfection must be the best, right?

WRONG. On so many levels.

Perfection is a beautiful concept — but it doesn’t really exist.

Perfection only exists in the context of true black or white scenarios.

Get these right, and the keys are yours

Buying your first home is guaranteed to be one thing:


I spent 3 years of searching and oodles and oodles of dollars — most of them borrowed — to get the job done.

It was a scary time, March 2020. Right in the depths of the pandemic. We weren’t…

David Fraser

Canadian financial professional (CFA, CPA). Investing advocate. Entrepreneur-in-training.

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